Inventory Management System

This system is used to monitor inventory levels as well as orders and deliveries. The system tells you when you are likely to run out of stock so that you can order items in advance. This reduces the chances of stock outages and ensures you always have enough goods in hand to serve the needs and demands of customers.

The system can be customized or personalized according to the desires and vision of the user, in summary meaning it will have the business's logo; name; colours; preferred user interface; and other desired features.Look at the features below:

Key Features of our Inventory Management System

1. Alerts/Notifications

2. Barcoding/RFID

3. Forecasting

4. Inventory Optimization

5. Kitting

6. Manufacturing Inventory Management

8. Mobile Access

9. Multi-Channel Management

10. Reorder Management

11. Reporting/Analytics

12. Retail Inventory Management

13. Supplier Management

14. Warehouse Management