Digital Learning System

DLS is an immersive ECD A-GRADE 7 learning offline software that provides comprehensive, Zimbabwean new curriculum-aligned content for maths and science,English language,French,Visual and performing arts,Shona,Agriculture,Science and Heritage and Social studies.It works on tablets,smart phones and computers.We also give schools an opportunity to develop their own systems.We desire to impact, transform and enhance the education and academic results of millions of learners. Affordability of high quality education is a key consideration. Look at the features below:

1. Customization

The system can be customized or personalized according to the desires and vision of the school, in summary meaning it will have the school's logo; name; colours; preferred user interface; own learning content and other desired features.

2. Security

The system cannot be shared via shareit,USB or any transfering method without the permission of the school admin.The school is in the position to decide who gets the system.It is highly encrypted to avoid piracy.

3. Register and sign in

The student or learner is able to create an account so that the system can assess his/her progress.This feature is totally offline,it doesnt require internet.All information is kept in a local database for the system's evaluation and assessment.You can choose a Grade at this stage.

4. Structured content

The system is structured according to the school curriculum.We gather content from the school and involve teachers in every stage of development.All subjects are included with comprehensive content from ECD A - GRADE 7.

5. Media and Visual arts

The system consist of video lectures and audio on every lesson.The System carries pre-installed educational cartoons,story books,bible stories,nursery rhymes etc.

6. Local lessons

Most lessons are local based material to promote national heritage and culture.This time students can practice while feeling like they are playing.

7. Indegineous and foreign languages

Now most students or learners have an opportunity to learn local languages such as shona and ndebele and foreign languages such as French.

8. Correct Answer

Students or learners are given correct answers when they chose wrong ones.

9. Exercise marks

When the exercise is complete,the system displays marks in a classroom traditional fomat.Learners can move to next lessons just like in the game when moving to another level.

10. Records of exercises

All exercises,tests and exams are recorded so that teachers and parents can able to assess the perfomance of learners.

11. Perfomance graphs

The graphs indicates areas where there is high perfomance and and where there is low perfomance over a month or year.So Teachers and parents are now able to identify areas where a learner should focus on.

12. Puzzles

What's the best way to build learners's logic skills and help them recognize shapes and patterns? By playing the colorful and completely educational puzzles with local content and structured according to the school or national curriculum.

12. Art and Craft

This feature consist of handwriting and drawing,painting,tracing,fingure painting,paint and coloring.The content is also structured according to the curriculum,all local based.

12. Story books / virtual library

Learners are able to learn how to read through digital audio books.The system consist of local common books that are familiar with most learners.

13. English Dictionary

Learners are able to search any word they want and find the meaning of the word.This is for higher grades.

13. Student companion

The system carries a digital student companion.No student or teacher should be without this famous reference book. Part almanack, part dictionary, The Students' Companion is a handy encyclopaedia in one portable volume.

14. Pronunciation Helper

Learners are now able to know how to pronounce english words.Also it improve learner's accent

15. Send records

Teachers and parents can send progress and perfomance rating of each learner to any social media platform or to anyone using any transfering method.

16. System Launcher

It can be set to avoid learners to access apps which have nothing to do with education in tablets and mobile phones.The launcher encourage the learner to focus on learning material only

16. Notifications

The system have a digital learning time table,so it reminds the learner through notifications and alarm systems.These notifications also indicate all classes and subjects a learner should attend to at a given time.

17. printing

The system can print all marks and perfomance assessment of all exercises and tests.

18. Virtual teacher

The system remembers all details of the learner and able to interact effectively with the learner.It creates a virtual teacher.